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49th Running Of The CQP!
1600 UTC October 3, 2015 to 2200 UTC October 4, 2015

CQP Logging Software

Free Logging Software for the CQP

  • new versionCQPWIN  CQPWIN by AE6Y is a Windows program that supports CQP and 11 other contests, plus generic logging. The current Version 12.7:
    • Includes the new CQP multiplier names
    • Includes the new CWops CW Open Contest
    • Includes new SS mults and changes to conform to 2013 CQWW rules changes.

  • CQ/X by NO5W is a contest logging program developed specifically for the mobile operator in state QSO parties with emphasis on fully integrating GPS devices and mapping information into the┬áplanning, operating, and post-contest phases of these types of contests.

  • CT by K1EA
    • Multiplier files for new CQP multiplier names here. (thanks N6TV)
    • CTWin 9.92 or CT for DOS 9.92 recommended. (CT 10 is not yet working properly for CQP.)
    • If you are in California, use CQP.DAT, otherwise CQP1.DAT (and rename it to 'CQP.DAT').
    • CT does not output a Cabrillo file for CQP.  Use the free program by KA5WSS, LogConv v1.73b, to create a Cabrillo file from your CT .bin file.  You will need to edit the top of the Cabrillo file (header info.), and manually add the State or County sent using a text editor's find and replace feature before uploading the Cabrillo file to the CQP log submission website.
  • new DXLog.net by 9A5K is free software that works almost exactly the same as Win-Test, and it has full support for the CQP.

    • Version 2.0 includes SO2R support

  • N1MM Logger
    • New CQP multiplier names in version 6.5.8 or later.
  • W3KM GenLog

    • New CQP multiplier names in version 6.45 or later.
  • TR4W  TR for Windows by UA4WLI is a Windows adaptation of TRLog by N6TR. The correct CQP DOM files are included in the TR4W download. Click OK if you get "The system cannot find the file specified" error message. (Questions, email W6SX)

Commercial PC Software

These commercial logging programs support the California QSO Party:

  • miLog by K7MI
    • Version 9.3 (updated Oct 3) supports new multiplier names for CQP.
  • NA by K8CC
    • Zip file with two multiplier files for the new CQP multiplier names.  Note that only the new names are accepted, not the older abbreviations or other possible "guesses".  If you can provide a more robust file set, please send them to the webmaster.  (Or tell me how to edit the files to allow non-standard abbreviations to be input while the programs enters the correct abbreviation into the log.)  (Thanks K8CC & K6NA)
  • N3FJP Amateur Radio Software (follow the menu to 'State QSO Party Logs')
    • Use version 1.9 or later for updated CQP multiplier names.
  • TR-Log by N6TR also has a down-rev version available for free download
    • DOM files for new CQP multiplier names here.  (Thanks W0YK)
  • Win-EQF by N3EQF (follow the menu to 'Download')
    • Use version 1.88 or later for updated CQP multiplier names.
  • Win-Test by F5MZN and F6FVY does not support the CQP, and there are no plans to add it. Win-Test users should try using DXLog.net instead (see below).
  • WriteLog by W5XD is a Windows-based contest logging program.
    • The new CQP multiplier names are in the namedmul.zip file dated 12Jun2006, or later, which can be downloaded from the WriteLog web site (note - the latest namedmul file may not be in the latest S/W release).
    • Here are detailed instructions for updating your WriteLog multiplier file.


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