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50th Running Of The CQP!
1600 UTC October 3, 2015 to 2200 UTC October 4, 2015

CQP 2014 Awards
38 Plaques (listed below)

Real lumber to hang on your shack wall!  Many thanks to our sponsors.

California QSO Party Award Plaques
1st Place Single-Op, HP Ed Muns, W0YK 1st Place Single-Op, HP Rich, KE1B
2nd Place Single-Op, HP Ira Stoler, K2RD 2nd Place Single-Op, HP Tom Hutton, N3ZZ
3rd Place Single-Op, HP Bob Hervatine, N2NS 3rd Place Single-Op, HP Dean Wood, N6DE
1st Place Single-Op, LP Josh Fiden, W6XU
1st Place Single-Op, LP
2nd Place Single-Op, LP Kevin Rowett, K6TD
2nd Place Single-Op, LP
Andy Faber, AE6Y
3rd Place Single-Op, LP Kevin Rowett, K6TD
3rd Place Single-Op, LP
Dean Wood, N6DE
Top Single-Op QRP Ed Radlo, AJ6V Top Single-Op QRP Barry Pfeil, K6RM
Top Single-Op YL * Joanna Dilley, K6YL Top Single-Op YL * Joanna Dilley, K6YL
Top Single-Op Youth * Fred Jensen, K6DGW Top Single-Op Youth * Fred Jensen, K6DGW
Top Single-Op New Contester * Stu Phillips, K6TU    
Most CW QSOs Bob Wilson, N6TV Most CW QSOs
(Perpetual Award)
John Larson, K6AUC
Most SSB QSOs Bob Hess, W1RH Most SSB QSOs John Miller, K6MM
First To 58 Ken Widelitz, K6LA First To 58 Ken Widelitz, K6LA
Top School Dean Wood, N6DE Top School Dean Wood, N6DE
Top Club REDXA Top Club
(W6ZZZ Memorial)
Top Multi-Single Rick Tavan, N6XI Top Multi-Single Tom Hutton, N3ZZ
Top Multi-Single Expedition Fred Jensen, K6DGW    
Top Multi-Multi Expedition Bob Wilson, N6TV    
Top Multi-Multi Steve, W1SRD +
Doris, K0BEE
1st Place Single-Op Expedition Al Maenchen, AD6E    
2nd Place Single-Op Expedition Dave Curtis, N6NZ    
Most Mobile QSOs Vic Bull, K6IC    
Top DX
(Non-USA, Non-Canadian)
John Orton, W5JBO    
* Only Single Operators are eligible, not operators from a Multi team. See the Rules Page for more information on these awards.

Special CQP Wine Award

The top 20 CA and top 20 non-CA Single-Op stations will receive a personalized bottle of NCCC Private Reserve California Wine. Winners under the age of 21 will receive a non-alcoholic personalized award.  The NCCC Private Reserve California Wine is graciously donated by Twisted Oak Winery. Twisted Oak is located in the Sierra Foothills of California and produces wine made from grapes like Syrah, Grenache, Viognier, and Tempranillo. Twisted Oak is owned and operated by NCCC Member Jeff Stai, WK6I.

Certificate of Achievement

If you submit a CQP Log, you will be eligible for a personalized CQP Certificate of Achievement. You can print your certificate online or have it mailed to you.


T-Shirts - Like the wine, each year’s T-shirt is a special vintage.  Place your order for a T-shirt by sending an email to shirts@cqp.org stating the sizes and quantities for each size (M/L/XL/XXL), the call sign of the CQP operation, the call sign of the person placing the order, and the address to ship to.

2004 bright yellow 2010 black
2005 dark green 2011 brown
2006 blue 2012 burgundy
2007 violet 2013 orange
2008 gray 2014 yellow
2009 white    

Send payment, $15 ($20 for DX entries), either via PayPal [using this email address: paypal@nccc.cc ] -- or a check to: NCCC, Tom Carney, K6EU; 1545 Elwood Drive; Los Gatos, CA 95032..

All T-Shirt orders are due by February 15, 2015.

Worked All California Counties Award (WACC)

The NCCC offers the WACC (Worked All California Counties) award for anyone working all 58 California counties anytime, as part of CQP or other operating.  See the WACC web page for more details and an application form.

Distribution of Awards

Our log-check team endeavors to do its best to publish results as soon as possible after the CQP.  The bulk of the awards will be mailed out if recipients don't pick them up at the INDXC in Visalia, CA in April or the Dayton, OH Hamvention in May.  E-mail to CQP Info to let us know if you can collect your awards at one of these two conventions.

More Award Photos

Top non-CA QRP:

Top non-CA Club:

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