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58th Running Of The CQP!
1600 UTC October 7, 2023 to 2200 UTC October 8, 2023
CQP 2023 Begins:


CQP Log Submission Instructions
Cabrillo Specification
The CQP takes Cabrillo files using either version 2.0 or version 3.0.
The ideal QSO line syntax is as follows:
The exact amount of space between fields is not crucial. Ideally the sent QTH and received QTH should be one of the official 58 4-character California county abbreviations, the official 58 2-character US state and Canadian province abbreviations, or DX — all in the online list. We also support having an extra column at the end of the line for the transceiver number.

Thanks for participating in the California QSO Party.  Although you have two options to submit your log, we would greatly appreciate you're using the "Green Light" option: the online Log Submission form.

If you need to correct something in your log, you can resubmit it again. The last version of your log received before the log submission deadline, will be considered "your official" log. The deadline for submission of all logs is 23:59 UTC on Monday, October 17, 2022.

PLEASE NOTE: Regardless of the method you use to submit your log, it is YOUR responsibility to check our Logs Received page and verify that it has been listed.  You can check the CQP Logs Received server here: robot.cqp.org  The server is updated daily.


Use The CQP
Log Submission Form
Preferred Method
Please use this form if at all possible.
It's easy.
Email Your Log As Attachment Please consider Option 1 First.

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