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1600 UTC October 3, 2015 to 2200 UTC October 4, 2015

Results - CQP 1996

Many sincere thanks to:

  • Al, AD6E, for the outstanding job log checking and preparing the results.

  • The sponsors who make all these trophies and special awards possible!

Quick Index:

California Top Three Single Operators

Call County Mult CW Phone Score
AB6FO LA 58 936 977 276,196
AC6T Ventura 57 667 1,086 237,861
KG6LF Shasta 58 45 1,880 225,910

Non-California Top Three Single Operators

Call State/Province Mult CW Phone Score
VE7SZ (VE7NTT op) BC 58 286 786 140,940
K5GA Texas 58 319 435 105,966
NB1B Maine 58 276 481 103,820


Category Operators County Mult CW Phone Score
TOP CA Multi-Single W6GO+ NB6G, K6HHD, N6IG Sacramento 58 775 1,821 346,086
TOP CA Multi-Multi N6RO+ WM2C, K3EST, W6EMS, K2MM Contra Costa 58 1,190 1,948 433,028


Category Operators County Mult CW Phone Score
TOP Single-Op Expedition WA6FGV Imperial 56 711 376 161,560
TOP Multi-Op Expedition N6ND+ N7CW, KD6QK Imperial 58 569 1,252 244,238

Special Awards

Single-Op CA with most QSOs

KG6LF Shasta, 1,925 QSOs

Single-Op NON-CA with most QSOs

VE7SZ British Columbia, 1,072 QSOs

Single-Op CA with most CW QSOs

N6NB Kern, 993 CW QSOs

Single-Op NON-CA with most CW QSOs

K5GA Texas, 319 CW QSOs

CA Mobile with most QSOs

K6MO/MM Solano/ContraCosta/Marin/Sonoma, 318 QSOs

TOP CA Single-Op running Low Power

AE6Y Santa Clara

Mult CW Phone Score
57 663 639 186,219

TOP NON-CA Single-Op running Low Power

AA8AV Michigan

Mult CW Phone Score
58 280 352 89,552

TOP CA Novice/Technician


Mult CW Phone Score
2 0 24 96

TOP NON-CA Novice/Technician

no entry

TOP NON-USA/Canadian entry

KP2/AG8L Virgin Is.

Mult CW Phone Score
55 215 226 60,335

55 215 226 60,335


Mother Lode DX & Contest Club

18 logs

1,023,828 points



1 AB6FO LA 276,196
2 AC6T Ventura 237,861
3 KG6LF (now K6BZ) Shasta 225,910
4 NI6T Siskiyou 215,238
5 K6PU Amador 203,638
6 N6HC Orange 200,796
7 AE6Y Santa Clara 186,219
8 KC6CNV Orange 178,640
9 N6NB (N6MU op) Kern 168,728
10 WA6TKV Stanislaus 164,546
11 WA6FGV Imperial 161,560
12 AB6LJ Sacramento 161,472
13 KN6WY Tehama 156,636
14 WX6M Solano 150,104
15 KN6EL Butte 143,782
16 WA6CTA Marin 138,738
17 W6JTI Humbolt 137,144
18 WN6K San Diego 132,411
19 AD6E Santa Clara 131,892
20 KI6AN Butte 126,440


1 VE7SZ (VE7NTT op) BC 140,940
2 K5GA Texas 105,966
3 NB1B Maine 103,820
4 AA4NC (KI4HN op) North Carolina 92,162
5 W5ASP Texas 91,884
6 WD0GVY Iowa 91,314
7 AA8AV Michigan 89,552
8 K7QQ Washington 87,858
9 N8LXS Ohio 86,826
10 KE1FO Mass. 76,444
11 W4WA Georgia 74,646
12 N1CC New York 73,360
13 K3CR (KB3AFT op) Pennsylvania 72, 856
14 K6XO/7 Utah 69,890
15 KE9I Indiana 67,488
16 WA3HAE Pennsylvania 67,480
17 N5DO Texas 62,832
18 KP2/AG8L Virgin Islands 60,335
19 KF0IA Colorado 59,223
20 VE7NKI British Columbia 58,352

Soapbox Comments

...It seemed that propagation into and out of my QTH was awful; then the Arc-Welding Academy in the neighborhood started up to show me what BAD was really like. I got lots of sleep. On Sunday morning, my computer couldn't remember where the hard drive was, or what time it was... AB6YL

Thanks for the great contest. The occasional openings on 15 made it more interesting. Too bad so few people tried local contacts on 10. .... KQ6ES

This entry is being submitted only because of a disaster: John (N6MU) set out to put in a serious effort at N6NB using his own call, but two hours into the contest the laptop computer abruptly and inexplicably shut down. All data from the first two hours was gone. John was devastated. He already had about 200 QSOs, but was stuck. He couldn't hope to turn in a top score after losing two prime hours. He couldn't really even start over under his own call, because lots of people had him in their logs. So he decided to start over using my call(N6NB). So John had fun, but he really wanted to go for a high score. Strangely, the computer never crashed again. Do you suppose that was because I never again used the power saw I was using when the crash occurred? The saw, station, and computer were all on the same gasoline generator... .... N6NB

... I enjoy old fashioned log (spiral binder) and write as fast as I can. Lots of pileups for Del Norte county and actually got a NEW DXCC country (#302) when an OD5 called! ... K6HY

I turned on the rig at 1425 - the earliest that I expected to be able to hear California on 20. At that time WB6IRC was already S8! ... An opening of some 5 hours! A real bonus for a sun spot minimum. ... G3IZJ

Getting "CCosMarinSolSon" from K6MO/MM sent me scurrying to an atlas to see where the four counties meet.... K8JLF

...bad condx on other bands were compensated by pleasure to work a number of well known "big guns" and unknown "little pistols". Biggest signal I heard from WB6IRC (S9+10) with my KT34 @ 80 ft. Now I'm waiting for next year and better propagation to "win" at least T-SHIRT. Sorry, only one mobile -N6BT/M with quite a good signal. Where where other (mobile) guys? ... Thanks a lot to everyone. See you in CQP next year. ... RA6AR

Exciting contest, good turnout. Worked every CA county I could hear on CW. Wish more CA stations had shown up for 15 meter openings {huh? there were 15 openings??? .. ed} Too few CA mobiles on CW. Why not create a separate category for CW only stations? Already looking forward to next year..... N3IXR

Why can't we submit discs using NA??? .... W8UPH [You may submit ASCII files from any computer logger...ed]

This was my 4th consecutive year to participate and like the past three years, I had a ball. Unfortunately, my score did not live up to my past contest but, what the heck, I had a good time. .... WB5RYB

...This was a QRP effort. 5 watts to the antenna. I was surprised to see the 10 QSO [rate] window stay in the 70-80 range on 20M... W6REC

Tough contest this year due to band conditions! But, as usual, enjoyed it anyway. .... K2EWA

Nice to set Shasta Co. record! .... KG6LF

...the highlight of the contest, to my delight and surprise was working 167 DX stations, literally without trying...mostly Europe... the capper and last DX QSO: OD5NJ. If only I have runs like this in CQWW! .... AB6FO

This is always a wonderful QSO Party and some day I am going to work all 58 counties! See you next year. .... K9DIY

Best of all QSO parties. Just moved to Alabama and only had a dipole up 20 feet so couldn't do much. C U guys next year with a better ant and hopefully band openings on 15 & 10 meters.... AB4HR

I enjoyed working in the California QSO Party very much this year. I didn't get a lot of operating time, but really got a 'kick' out of working 'The Golden State' on the 80m band! .... KM3D

Good conditions this year, and by far my best score ever! .... VE3TEE

Thank you all for sponsoring the CQP contest - it must be a lot of work for you all, yet it's a great contest to be in. ... WW6Z

Enjoyed your QSO Party, there's always plenty of activity! ... VE3WZ

Logged several non CA stations asking what contest I was operating. Logged a couple of VK/ZL stations with great signals. These were my corrections to the log. If 15M doesn't open on Sunday, it is not a good day. Sunday was DISMAL! Stations that I needed on 20M could hear me, but I couldn't copy the reports between the high power CA stations competing for space. Logged three stations on county lines and had to correct log. I don't know how else to do this. (Ans: Use more advanced software. Download AE6Y programs. ed.).... KO4MM

Participation seemed down somewhat from last year. But it was fun as usual. I think one way that you could make it more fun for non-CA stations is to count multipliers again on each band. This would incent CA stations to try other bands. .... Why not provide an award for working all CA counties like the Sweepstakes Clean Sweep Award? ..... KI4HN (@AA4NC)

A whale of a contest! Sitting outside in the cold really cut down the operating time. My XYL made me sit outside (no room in the condo) [outside in October in VE7? what did you say to your XYL to get that sentence?.. ed.] ... W7DRA/VE7

Please accept my logging in format its in. Its not too hard to figure out with a little study. (OUCH!... ed.) .... WL7WO/1

Many thanks to N6BT for all of the counties that I just happened to need!! .... WA3HAE

...I'm quite happy to work so many with only 150 watts... DK3GI

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