Paul W6PNG/M0SNA and Scott N6MI
M/M HP Expedition
Location = Kern County

Paul and Scott will operate from separate, socially distanced setups.
  • Elecraft K3S, KPA500, KAT500
  • G3TXQ HexBeam tribander on a 30 ft. mast
  • Full size 40m ground plane
  • OCF for 40m and 80m
  • Operating from his Jeep Rubicon
CW by Scott N6MI
  • Yaesu FTdx101D, FlexRadio 6500, ACOM A600S
  • Triband yagi
  • Wires for 40m and 80m
  • Operating from his van
More information about Paul W6PNG/M0SNA
  • Avid wilderness operator as part of Summits on the Air (SOTA)
  • Operated from over 200 peaks in the Western USA, Europe, Caribbean Islands and Central America.
  • After having spent decades in the Silicon Valley, Paul and his wife now split their time between Southern California and the Scottish Borders.
  • "Curiosity is a great driver.  Live life to the fullest."
  • See Paul's blog at: http://www.nomadic.blog
More information about Scott N6MI
  • Operates portable using his van.  It is a repurposed "electronic news gathering" (ENG) / "cellular on wheels" (COW) van.  
  • Van has a 56 ft. pneumatic mast, a 5kW generator under the hood and five batteries.
  • It has been used many times successfully for the past ten years in CQP and other contests.
  • See Scott's ham radio web page at: http://www.n6mi.com
  • Both Scott and Paul share a love of photography.  See Scott's photography page at: https://bovitz.com/bovitz.com/photo/trad.html
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