Operator: Bob Wolbert K6XX
QTH: Nevada County

N6XI Truckee Shack

(2) Elecraft K4 (field test radios assigned to N6XI and K6XX)
Elecraft KPA1500 and KPA500 amplifiers
Microham u2R or YCCC SO2R Box
Top Ten Devices Band Aide band decoders
Dunestar 600 BPFs

N6XI Truckee Antennas

Main Tower:
    4el SteppIR for 20-15-10 at 73 ft.
    Force 12 Sigma 80 rotary dipole for 75/80 at 79 ft.
    Force 12 Mag 240N 2el 40 at ft. at 85 ft.
Secondary Tower:
    Force 12 C4S for 20-15-10 at 29 ft.
160M Inverted L

QTH is a ridge top location in the Sierra Nevada, elevation 5900 ft,
    400 ft. above Boca Reservoir.
The ridge runs appx. from 220-40 degrees. See photo.

wc6h wc6h