Operators: Glenn K6NA and Craig N6ED
K6NA QTH: 2.5 acres in Valley Center, CA. (a semi-rural part of northern San Diego County) Station construction began in 1980.
K6NA Shack
(2) Yaesu FTDX-5000 transceivers
(2) Alpha amplifiers
Set of 6 high power bandpass filters at amplifier outputs
Controls: automatic one-button band switching of filters and antennas, employing band decoders, relays, interlock and pre-tuned amplifiers

K6NA Antennas
(2) 140 ft. towers
(1) 40 ft. tower
(3) homebrew prop pitch motor systems
Several HamIV and T2X rotators
All antennas homebrew except for KLM 5-el 20m Yagi stack and WARC duobander.

Drone video of K6NA antenna farm, shot by N6ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbR2AAxUuB0

(2) full size quarter-wave wire verticals suspended from 140 ft. towers on Dacron caternaries. Array is fed at the bases, spaced 1/4-wave to provide end-fire, switchable cardioid pattern.

80m: 2-el fixed wire Yagi @ 128 ft, held by crossarm between 140 ft. towers. Switchable to cover NE - SW directions. Yagi described in ARRL Antenna Compendium Vol. 5.
Inv-Vee at 120 ft. Mainly for NW - SE directions.

40m: 4-el OWA Yagi @ 140 ft.

KLM 5-el over 5-el Yagi stack
4-el 20m OWA Yagi at 90 ft.
All antennas rotatable
Plan to install 4-el 20m OWA Yagi at 45 ft. before CQP to provide a 2nd switchable Yagi stack for 20m.

15m: 4-el over 4-el Yagi stack
10m: 5-el over 5-el Yagi stack; 6-el 10m Yagi at 147 ft.

RX: 200 ft. BOG (beverage-on-ground), reversible for E-W receive.

WARC duoband Yagi on 40 ft. tower
6m Yagi on 40 ft. tower